bioDynamic Suppressants

Our discovery has been quite accidental; for over 14 years amepox conducted nano research for conductive materials to be used in microelectronics (inks, pastes and assembly adhesives) and along the way we discovered that bacteria could not develop a resistance because our 10nanometer silver would kill it before it could grow. In large part this was due to us not using acid during production and thus the entire surface area can fight bacteria. We also realized that since we do not use acid we could make the silver either in crystal or ionic form which is key to avoiding chemical reactions with the human body.

Protective Surface Coatings

We have experimented with and tested a variety of surface coatings for everything from protecting a hospitals operating room to protecting poultry in both the farm building and the food processing plant. There are many who think they know something about nanosilver and colloidal silver, much has been written about both but our acid-free crystalline nanoSilver is unique and very different in both performance and complexity.

Prevention is no Cure

Over the years we've developed and tested a variety of products and formulations. Some of our early customers have successfully employed our materials in everything from combat boots for EU military forces to Blood Clotting Agents. Of note; When required we can ensure all silver nano particles are crystalline to ensure there is no chemical reaction when the material is either directly ingested or absorbed through an open wound. When formulated for textile we might combine ionic silver to force a chemical bond but we always maximize the surface area by keeping the silver free of acids that cannot be washed off completely. It was never our intent to create such a material but 14years of R&D led us on a remarkable path that will be coauthored by many as we move forward. Our crystalline acid-free nanoSilver changes everything you thought you knew about AgNP.

Our Products


nanoSILVER Coating

always acid-free & crystalline

Applied via Fogging Method

Formulated for Poultry Farms

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nanoSILVER Hydration

always acid-free & crystalline

Hydration Supplement

formulated & tested for Poultry

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always acid-free & sometimes ionic

Bonds with Textile Fiber

Tested on over 6000 wash cycles

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nanoSILVER Future Use

always acid-free & crystalline

possible use as imagining fluid as

a contrast agent for nuclear medicine

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nanoSILVER Current Use

acid-free & commercially viable

5-10nm ensures max surface area

protecting Poultry or Textile

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nanoSILVER sanoProtect

bioDynamic Suppressant effectively

prevents antimicrobial resistant

by keeping bacteria from growing

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AMR2050 will be Costly

Proposed Markets

Poultry (37billion Broilers)

HVAC (Planes, Trains, Ships & Auto)

Food Packaging (from seafood to wine)

Medical (from bandages & facility to imaging)

What We've Tested

Poultry Ventilation Packaging Sterilization Colloidal Drinks
  • 4,730,000Deaths p/Yr ASIA
  • 4,150,000Deaths p/Yr Africa
  • 392,000Deaths p/Yr SoAmerica
  • 390,000Deaths p/Yr Europe
  • 317,000Deaths p/Yr NoAmerica