15 Aug
Shandong Academy of Pharmaceutical Science test's our materials

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We are pleased to announce that our test samples arrived in China and were promptly tested. The results surprised the Chinese Scientists as they have tested many nano silvers already but none produced results even close to our nanoProtect poultry formulations. Since our materials were never touched by acid the entire surface area was free to attack the bacteria. The pure crystalline silver proved superior over ionic AgNP and it does not react with the body.

11 Sept
Wet-Wound & BloodClot solutions discussed with Yokota AFB Medical Staff.

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A recent research trip to Japan rendered interesting results. The purpose was to study Japan's Public Rail System to understand how a special surface coating could be employed to keep the train cars free of bacteria for a week at a time. While there we were invited by USAF Medical Staff to share with them insights into new materials that could be used in salves for burn patients as well as material for hasty or expeditious treatment of open wounds in a combat field environment.

17 May
Discussion with former CEO of Lufthansa proves informative

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The former CEO of Lufthansa was also the President of Lufthansa Technik in the era when the 747-400 was introduced. We talked about the recirculated bleed-air heating and other HVAC systems that are prone to bacteria cultivation in the dark and damp environments. We discussed possible employment of an aerosol formulation suspended in Isopropyl alcohol to spray the ventilation tubes as well as surface wipes and fogging the interiors during cleaning iterations.

21 Jan
sanoPoultry has been put in the holding pattern

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For 5 years amepox has extensively tested both nanoProtect and nanoHydrate with the poultry industry in China, India, Europe and Brazil but progress was never what we would consider ideal. The small test farms were very successful, the Doctoral Thesis written on the subject showed the chickens were 10% bigger than the control group and yet the industry does not want to change what is working although at 24cents per chicken we're cheaper than antibiotics. So for now we push pause as we flex into other markets.