About Us

A unique team for Mission2050

We are seasoned and not naïve; our team knows the road ahead will be a challenge and there are many on the team that have to wait on the sidelines till this spinout is financially resourced to scale globally. We have a multitude of potential courses of action (COA), business plans with varied scenarios, as well as regional and global marketing plans ensuring the speed at which we scale is only limited by capital. Our nano materials have been fully tested, formulations validated and proprietary manufacturing equipment developed. Key individuals with industry related c-suite experience are in place throughout six geographical regions (NoAmerica, SoAmerica, Asia, Oceana, Europe and MENA). We are optimistic that we will attract financially astute allies who understand that bacteria kills the poor and disenfranchised as easily as it kills the rich and powerful. We need to the knowledge of ionic vs crystalline and wet-chemistry vs acid-free to spread to the various organizations that are working on tackling the monumental task of minimizing the deaths from antimicrobial resistance. We need people to join our team and help coauthor an AMR solution for humanity. We are very flexible about who we work with as long as these partners are appropriately funded. We are not flexible in sharing our core knowledge without appropriate financial renumeration to compensate for our decades of self-funded research.


We are people who have put service before self-enrichment.

Life can be funny sometimes; especially for realistic idealists. This team has been brought together by unusual circumstances and kept together because of our strong belief that serving our fellow man must count for something. We've all delayed gratification to achieve a monumental task and now we are ready to scale and monetize our invention. This endeavour is not the first where our Team has met "not invented here" (NIH) resistance and our team is well aware of the hurtle. The field of antimicrobials, disinfectants and antibiotics is crowded with players who profit hugely from ensuring that they are the thought and technology leaders. Universities, Corporations, Government Agencies and even Non-Profit Foundations are all threatened when someone emerges with something that is better than anything they could imagine. As a result there will also be respected organizations claiming they can make the same acid-free crystalline nano particles in a vain attempt to prevent or slow our growth. It will be easy to establish who the frauds are because they will never provide a sample for independent testing. If a corporation, government agency or university can prove it is capable of producing commercially viable quantities of acid-free crystalline nano silver we will concede the market and simply ask "why have you kept this a secret from the public". This Team, our team, is ready to meet all naysayers head on as we will provide a sample for testing to any credible organization capable for testing and publishing unbiased results in an open forum. This team will not become the victims of the Sunk cost fallacy, we will not engage in resource draining arrangements and we will not pay for favorable press. The magic of the internet will find us someone of influence who will take the time to understand and test our products. This company will grow rapidly when we find supporters who share the vision to forestalling AMR2050 by serving an ounce of prevention before a pound of cure is needed. The path forward is simple; Test our material and publish your findings in an open forum.


CTO : Andrzej Moscicki

Former Professor of Physics & Chemistry, he has been leading a team of Scientists specializing in precious metal chemistry since the 1990s.

CEO : Andreas Butte

Former Career Military Officer, he has been leading small teams in dynamic and complex situations around the globe since getting his wings at age 19.

COO : Gregory Morrow

Former Atty.General & BizDev Principal at SquirePattonBoggs, he has led operational teams at USA's largest Seafood distributor and taught Food Safety at University.

CIO : Gordon Tian

Former Founder & Executive at a med-tech company, he has led high tech teams since his days at Mayo Clinic before his Silicon Valley Exit.